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This 3 day workshop with JJB midwife Shana Norberg CNM will give you the skills to become an indispensable second pair of hands, eyes, and ears as a midwife's assistant at a home birth.  We’ll have lots of hands on practice!  This workshop is geared towards doulas who have had some birth experience; prior home birth experience is not required.  It's also a great way to "get your feet wet" if you are thinking about becoming a midwife. 


Topics to be covered include:

Scopes of practice: midwife vs birth assistant vs nurse vs doula
Medical terminology & birth charting
Confidentiality & HIPAA
Normal pregnancy & physiologic birth
Stages of labor and what’s expected of the birth assistant at each
Universal precautions & sterile technique
Vital signs: BP, temp, pulse, respirations
Fetal heart auscultation
Home, bed, and birth setup
drawing up meds, SQ and IM injections
How to prep an IV
Oxygen setup and use
Normal newborns
Immediate newborn care & vital signs
Assisting during emergencies
Bleeding & estimating blood loss
Assisting during suturing
Anticipating needs
Labor support
Postpartum care
What’s in the midwife’s bag?
What’s in the assistant’s bag?
Self care

What to bring

blood pressure cuff (here's a decent inexpensive one)
digital thermometer (here's the one I like)
watch with second hand (or phone app that displays seconds)

a pelvis & baby model, if you have one

How to register

Please click here to go to the registration page.  You can send full or partial payment via Paypal , Zelle, or check.  We need a minimum of $150 deposit to hold your place when you register and the balance must be received by 1 week prior to the class. 

Refunds: If you cannot attend the workshop *due to attending a birth*, you must notify me by email in the morning before the workshop begins for a refund to be issued, less the $150 non refundable deposit.  You are are also welcome to make up any parts of a class you've missed at a future workshop. 


Feel free to email me!  shanamidwife@gmail.com

Past workshop participants click HERE for resources and handouts. 

Spring 2021 workshop
April 22-25, 2021

This workshop will meet Thursday-Sunday at a guest house in the Poconos in Dingmans Ferry PA, 75 miles from NYC (approximately a 2 hr drive or bus ride; we’ll do our best to coordinate ride shares).  We’ll cook and eat together, and build in time for soaking in the hot tub, yoga, or taking walks in the woods to nearby waterfalls.  We’ll start class at 10am on Friday; you are strongly encouraged to arrive Thursday night.

**lodging (Thurs, Friday, and Saturday nights) and meals are included in the cost of this workshop**

Spring 2020 retreat - POSTPONED due to pandemic. 
Fall 2020 workshop
November 11-13, 2020 in NYC

About Shana

Shana Norberg CNM LM,  has been working with JJB Midwifery since 2011. She has a BA in Anthropology from Oberlin College, a BS in Nursing from NYU, and an MS in Midwifery from SUNY Downstate. You might

find her attending births, caring for clients at a prenatal or postpartum visit, teaching classes, doing home gynecology visits, family planning, preconception and fertility consultations, or performing home inseminations.
Shana is thrilled to be able to provide individualized, unhurried midwifery care at home. What a great job this is! Shana lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her 2 kids, Hazel and Silas, who were both born at home.


136 West 81st St, Suite GF

New York NY 10024
Tel: 212-769-4578 





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