Reliable sources of medical information: try these first.

Mayo Clinic
Up to Date
Evidence Based Birth
Lab Tests Online


First Trimester

Guidelines for childbirth at home (PDF)
First Trimester testing
1st trimester screen
Panorama blood draw scheduling instructions
Genetic testing (PDF)
Is it safe in pregnancy?:
Eating Safely During Pregnancy
Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy
Supplements and Vitamins
A few reputable brands for vitamins and supplements include: Solgar, NOW, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Nordic Naturals, Carlson.
Rainbow Light organic prenatal vitamin
Fem-Dophilus probiotic
Kosher probiotics: Maxi Health Active Pro-5
Thorne vitamin D liquid drops
Michael's vitamin D3 5000 IU sublingual tablets 
Anemia (PDF)
Iron rich foods
Our biller:
Early pregnancy: what you need to know before your first midwife visit


Second Trimester

One hour glucose challenge test instructions (PDF)
Homebirth supplies
Order JJB's birth kit:
List of other supplies you will need (PDF)
Childbirth classes
Shara Frederick
Mary Esther Malloy
Tricia Phillips - Wonder Women Childbirth
A few good doulas (PDF)

Third Trimester


Fetal positioning:
Spinning Babies
The Miles Circuit
GBS testing informed consent (PDF)
Ontario Midwives' GBS protocol (PDF)
JJB's Almost There class
Evidence Based Birth article on postdates
Ontario Midwives - Postdates (PDF)
Postdates decision aid (PDF)
Premature rupture of membranes
Evidence Based Birth article on waterbirth (PDF)
Birth pool FAQ
Birth pool rental
Vitamin K
How to select a pediatrician
Pedatricians - Brooklyn
Pediatricians - Manhattan
Pediatricians - Queens
Pediatricians - NJ
Pediatricians - Westchester/Rockland
Eating and drinking in labor
Homebirth-hospital transfers




Postpartum Instructions for Mom and Baby (PDF)
NYC breastfeeding support resources
Dr. Jack Newman
La Leche League of New York
Is it safe while breastfeeding?
Donor milk/breastmilk sharing
NY Milk Bank
Human Milk 4 Human Babies
Eats on Feets
Sleeping and Bed Sharing
A Parent's Guide to Safe Sleep from AAP
Safe Cosleeping guidelines
Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing from Kellymom
Circumcision referral list (PDF)
ACOG circumcision article
post circ care
Pelvic Floor
Pelvic floor physical therapy resources (PDF)

Caring for your Core, Back, and Pelvic Floor booklet from The Functional Pelvis (PDF)
Lindsay Vestal PT's blog Core Candy
Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Support International website and brochure (PDF)
Edinburgh scale PPD screening tool (PDF)
NYC birth certificate worksheet (PDF)
NYC Acknowledgement of paternity form (PDF)
Bereavement resources

Gynecology and fertility client resources

The Beautiful Cervix project
Contraceptive choices:
Fertility Awareness:
Cassie Moriarty - NFP teacher:
Teens & young adults
"Sex ed for the real world":
Cycle charting
MAIA Midwifery temperature chart (PDF)
MAIA Midwifery fertility signs chart (PDF)
TCOYF chart (PDF)
Kindara charting app
Fertile Focus ferning microscope
Sperm banks
California Cryobank
The Sperm Bank of California
Manhattan Cryobank
Donor sperm delivery
Donor Home Delivery
Baby Dust Delivery
Transmen's health
Check it Out Guys

Googling while pregnant can drive you nuts! Here's our collection of information and links that we often point our clients to when they have questions.

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