Gynecological care in the comfort of your own home or in the office


We provide gentle, individualized, respectful reproductive health care throughout the childbearing years and beyond.  We believe that you know your body better than anyone and we collaborate with you on every step of the way.  Our holistic approach means we use a spectrum of treatment options: from prescription medications to diet, exercise, stress management, and nutritional and herbal supplements. We leave plenty of time to make sure we answer all your questions.


We offer at-home or office gynecological care, annual exams, STI testing and treatment, cancer screening, contraception prescriptions and management, IUD insertion, preconception and fertility consultations, and care through the menopause.   Midwife visits are a great choice for young adults and teens who are new to pelvic exams and Pap smears.  Visits take place in your home or the office and usually take 45-60 minutes.


How much do you charge for home or office gynecology visits?

Initial visits are $250 and subsequent visits for established clients are $200. In home visits cost an extra $50. We are not in network with any insurance companies but we can give you claim forms to submit for reimbursement.  Payment is due on the day of service; we can accept checks, cash, and credit cards via Paypal.


What about lab work?

The lab will bill your insurance directly for any tests we order. There are no up front out of pocket charges for lab work.


How do I prepare for my visit?

We will email you some paperwork to fill out ahead of time, as well as a link to our electronic medical record patient portal.  You can request records or labs from a previous provider ahead of time if you want to.

We bring everything we need to do your pelvic exam, but you may want to have a couple of towels handy to spread underneath you and to use as a drape over your lap.  Some people like to position chairs or small stools near the bed or couch to support their legs.

More questions? 

You can call our office, fill out our contact form or email if you have further questions or would like to set up an appointment.

We offer:
Home or office gynecological care
Annual exams
STI testing and treatment
Contraception counseling and prescriptions
IUD insertion
Preconception and fertility consultations
First pelvic exam for teens & young adults
Menopause & perimenopause care


136 West 81st St, Suite GF

New York NY 10024
Tel: 212-769-4578 




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